New Energy Bills Prioritize Corporate Polluters Over People of Michigan


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July 1, 2015

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New Energy Bills Prioritize Corporate Polluters Over People of Michigan

Reckless bills repeal renewable energy standard and energy optimization program

LANSING – Today, Senator Mike Nofs introduced a package of bills that put the interests of corporate polluters over Michiganders. The bills repeal the state’s renewable energy standard, eliminate utility energy optimization programs, and redefine clean energy to include polluting sources of energy including burning coal and hazardous waste.

“This irresponsible plan is a massive giveaway to our utility companies that completely dismantles the progress that Michiganders have made in building a sustainable clean energy economy,” said Mike Berkowitz, legislative & political director for the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter. “Michiganders have overwhelmingly expressed time and again that they want our representatives to make sure that utilities invest in actual clean, renewable energy like wind and solar that don’t pollute our air and water. Instead, our elected leaders have chosen to side with corporate polluters.”

Michigan’s current renewable energy standard requires that utilities generate 10 percent of their energy from renewable sources like wind and solar — a target that they are on track to meet on time and under budget. A study by the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute found that utilities are capable of reaching a 40 percent renewable energy standard by 2035.

“Our elected officials should be working to increase Michigan’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards to ensure that we leave future generations a safe and healthy environment, not choosing to sacrifice our futures for short-term profit,” said Alexis Blizman, policy director for the Ecology Center.


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