Environmental Groups Slam Schuette for Joining Suit Against EPA


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August 18, 2015

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Environmental Groups Slam Schuette for Joining Suit Against EPA

Groups condemn Michigan Attorney General for putting corporate interests before public health 

LANSING – Groups from the Clean Energy Now Coalition expressed their disappointment in Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette following news that he has included Michigan in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan.

Business, advocacy and environmental groups have been touting the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), announced earlier this month, as a pivotal step in reducing the negative health and climate impacts of pollution. Supporters also point out that the CPP will reduce electricity bills in Michigan with the influx of clean, efficient energy, and will bring more jobs to the state.

“It’s baffling how AG Schuette and other public officials across the country continue to waste taxpayer dollars on behalf of polluters with lawsuits like this,” said Alexis Blizman, J.D., policy director for the Ecology Center.The EPA already has a strong legal foundation for protecting public health and the environment. Schuette should remove Michigan from the lawsuit and actually work to protect and improve the quality of life for Michiganders.”

The Clean Energy Now Coalition supports the EPA’s Clean Power Plan because it will help stop polluters from endangering the public’s health and destroying the environment. In particular, it will help protect the Great Lakes. Groups argue that AG Schuette is showing a great deal of hypocrisy because he has previously indicated that he wants to limit the risk of disaster when it comes to protecting the Great Lakes and the environment. The group highlights that according to FollowTheMoney.org, Schuette received more than $80,000 from energy and coal companies and their executives for his 2014 re-election campaign, with DTE Energy contributing a third of that amount alone.

“Attorney General Schuette may appear to talk the talk when it comes to protecting the environment, but his actions tell a different story,” said Eric Keller, campaigns director for Michigan Clean Water Action. “When it comes to walking the walk, it appears that he is only interested in representing the polluters that have contributed to his political campaigns and not the citizens he took an oath to protect.”


Clean Energy Now is a coalition of groups that supports policies that will move Michigan beyond coal power and toward greater use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency as a way to protect the environment and build prosperity. Follow the campaign at CleanEnergyNowMI.org.

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