State Officials Will Develop First-Ever Plan to Limit Carbon Emissions from Power Plants


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September 1, 2015

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State Officials Will Develop First-Ever Plan to Limit Carbon Emissions from Power Plants

Plan must comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

LANSING – Today, state leaders announced that they intend to develop a State Carbon Implementation Plan (SCIP) to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants for the first time in history. The SCIP must comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan that was introduced on August 3 or be subject to the federal implementation plan.

“The State has the opportunity to develop a plan that reduces unchecked carbon pollution and minimizes the negative effects of climate change while driving forward local economies and investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. All of this will protect our communities and our Great Lakes,” said Eric Keller, campaigns director for Michigan Clean Water Action. “What we need now is for Governor Snyder to seize this opportunity and show real leadership by developing a plan that actually works for Michigan.”

The Clean Power Plan is a giant step forward in curbing climate change and is being cited as the single most important and aggressive action in the U.S. to act on climate. The plan is critical to protecting Michigan’s water, agriculture, and public health from the serious impacts of carbon pollution from power plants.

“This is a huge step forward in prioritizing public health over profits. Polluters need to be held accountable for sacrificing our health and our environment” said Alexis Blizman, policy director for the Ecology Center. “Governor Snyder and our state representatives should seize this opportunity and engage the health community in the process to leave future generations a safe and healthy environment.”

In his energy message in March, Snyder said he’d like to have between 30 and 40 percent of Michigan’s energy needs be met by a combination of renewable energy and reducing energy waste through energy efficiency. State leaders have an opportunity to craft a customized implementation plan that will spark investments in clean, renewable energy along with energy efficiency measures to create good-paying jobs and save people money on their electric bills.

“The Clean Power Plan presents an opportunity for Michigan to be a leader in clean, renewable energy development. We can cut pollution and achieve the EPA’s carbon pollution limits by making substantial investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency,” said Regina Strong, director of the Michigan Beyond Coal Campaign for the Sierra Club. “It’s past time that we modernize our energy system and move utilities away from their reliance on dirty coal and fossil fuels.”

Michigan’s current renewable energy standard requires that utilities generate 10 percent of their energy from renewable sources like wind and solar — a target that they are on track to meet this year.


Clean Energy Now is a coalition of groups that supports policies that will move Michigan beyond coal power and toward greater use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency as a way to protect the environment and build prosperity. Follow the campaign at

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