Michiganders Have Spoken, They Want More Wind and Solar Power

Over the summer, we partnered with Resource Media to create an innovative new tool called PicMyEnergyMix that allows Michiganders to see where utilities get the energy to generate electricity in our homes. On top of finding out where your electricity comes from, we wanted to give you the chance to tell Governor Snyder and our representatives what kind of energy you’d prefer to power your homes.

To date, nearly 1,500 Michiganders have used the tool and over 950 have sent an email to Governor Snyder and Senator Nofs, chair of the Senate Energy and Technology Committee. The best part? You have overwhelmingly chosen clean energy like wind and solar, coupled with increased energy efficiency, as your preferred energy mix!

So to all of you who have participated and sent an email to your elected officials, thank you. This year our representatives are making major decisions when it comes to determining what energy sources utilities must use to power our homes and businesses. Whether or not they side with corporate polluters or make sure that utilities invest in renewable energy that doesn’t pollute our air and Great Lakes is up to you pushing them to do the right thing for our communities.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to participate and send an email yet, it’s not too late to join together with hundreds of other Michiganders who are making their voices heard right now.

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2 comments on “Michiganders Have Spoken, They Want More Wind and Solar Power
  1. Marcia oreilly says:

    I prefer wind and solar energy. There is no carbon footprint. Nuclear has not been entirely safe.

  2. Robert Cook says:

    Also phase out Embridge line five where it crosses the Mackinac waterway quickly.

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